Day Three

Our first date. I will never be able to forget the way the light reflected off of the freshly rained on street. When I am old and grey, with my grandchildren running around my yard and my sweet husband of 50 years standing by my side, my thoughts will still drift to you every time it rains.

It was an unfamiliar feeling to me to be nervous, I just thought I was coming down with a bug. The butterflies in my stomach, my sweaty palms, and my jittery hands, what was happening to me?

The moment you walked in, my heart skipped a beat, and my breath stopped. Immediately, I was drawn to you. Like a moth to a flame, like Icarus to the sun, like the ancient god Rama to Sita. I knew in that moment I would do anything for you. I would go anywhere with you, any length to have you.

After our movie, the air was humid and my hair was flying in all directions like a lion’s mane. You took your hand and brushed it out of my face before leaning in so gently for our first, sweet, kiss. If I hadn’t completely fallen for you before then, I surely had then.

From that day forward, even though I didn’t know it, I would be wrapped around your finger indefinitely.

I went home that night to hug my pillow and fell asleep smiling at my phone which had a text message from you saying how much fun you always had with me.

It was a brilliant beginning. But all brilliant beginnings have violent endings.


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