Day One

As you could probably guess, this is a love story. Well, not exactly a love story. But it is a story that involves love.

I call this Day One, the beginning of the end of life the way I knew it.

Have you ever looked at someone and when their eyes meet yours it’s like you’re suddenly seeing all 9 (yes, nine) planets at once? The hues of blue from the ocean and the sky mixed in one. The hint of yellow from the sun, and the way they glow like the stars that dot the sky. I’ll tell you, I’m a sucker for blue eyes, and these, they left me breathless.

A warm August night; stars shining the magical way they do in Georgia. There was me and there was you. There were more, but there may as well not have been because we didn’t pay them any mind. There were laughs and jokes, stares and glances, and confessions spilled after they were bound to secrecy with a promise of our pinkies.

I knew that day, Day One, that it was you. What I had waited for, what I had saved my heart for. It was you.

It seemed so worth it. All the nights I hadn’t slept because I felt unlovable. That day I knew, I was lovable, and by you of all people.

We joked about how fate, or destiny, or some astrological force brought us together. The perfect combination of wrong situations happened that day to align our paths to cross the way they did.

Or maybe God was real and he heard me crying for you. Crying for someone to love me, heal my broken heart, and show me that I was not worthless; I was worthy. He had finally given me the thing I thought I needed.

I knew you were my Great One. From the first time my brown eyes met your blues, I knew. Day One; I will never forget that day.



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